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 Waco Temple DWI Lawyer Killeen DUI

The Question is Not Did He do It?
The Question is can the Prosecutor Prove It?

We are one of the few criminal defense firms in the area that focuses on dwi, drunk driving and dui defenses and is prepared to take your case to trial. Contrary to popular belief, these cases are winnable. I am NOT quick to plea bargain. The stakes are too high. 

Why should you hire Waco Temple DWI Lawyer Killeen DUI Attorney Ed Brown?Waco Temple DWI Lawyer Killeen DUI

Experience counts. For driving while intoxicated cases, this is especially true. The long-term costs of a criminal conviction are very significant for any driver.

I have studied the technical aspects of driving while intoxicated laws, taking the time to learn the details that only police officers usually know. I know the laws on drunk driving, so I know when the tests were given incorrectly or resulted in errors. I can show judges and juries when Texas police officers have not proven their case.

Most importantly, I stand beside you. I understand that bad things happen to good people. And I know that you deserve a serious defense.

Temple DWI Attorneys - Killeen DUI Lawyer Brown handles DUI cases in the following areas, among others:Waco - Temple DWI Attorneys | Harker Heights - Killeen Drunk Driving Lawyer

Driving while intoxicated - first offense, is a Class B Misdemeanor                             

The State may prove intoxication in three different ways:

not having the normal use of physical faculties OR                                                

not having the normal use of mental faculties OR

having an alcohol concentration of 0.08 or more.

Intoxication Assault - a third degree felony

Intoxication Manslaughter - a second degree felony

Get your FREE CASE EVALUATION from a Waco Temple DWI Lawyer Killeen DUI Attorney, today.

Remember, you can't win . . . if you plea guilty. Go ahead and contact an experience Copperas Cove Drunk Driving Lawyer for your free case audit and evaluation, now.




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Ed, I could not see my way through the day until my friend, Bob, told me about you. I really appreciate all that you did for me! You are okay in book. Neil., Alabama

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