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Killeen Sex Crimes - Sexual Assault LawyerKilleen Sex Crime - Sexual Assault Attorney

Are you facing serious sex crimes accusations?

Are you fearful at the outlook of a lifetime sex offender registration?

Do you need a lawyer to serve as your aggressive and loyal defender in protecting your rights?

Killeen Sexual Assault Lawyer

Facing a sex crime investigation alone can be intimidating. People are often scared, and sometimes even innocent people say incriminating things that require an explanation later in court.

Ed Brown, Sexual Assault Lawyer, has more than twenty (20) years experience available to help you with issues related to a sex crime investigation. I make sure that your rights are protected; I go to great lengths under the law to prevent the filing of charges against you.

Under Texas law, accusations of child sex abuse must be reported and investigated. Child sex crime investigations are conducted by Child Protective Services (CPS) and by local law enforcement. I understand how CPS approaches and investigate. I use my knowledge and experience to help my clients through what can be a difficult time, and to mitigate any potential damage caused by a negative CPS investigation report or law enforcement investigation.

Waco Indecency with Child Attorney 

Sex crime allegations often place the accused in a difficult position. Because of the stigma of sex abuse charges, good people who are arrested for sex crimes often find their personal and professional lives ruined. Even if the situation fails to escalate beyond formal accusations, personal and professional consequences may be felt for years to come.

As an experienced Waco Indecency With Child Attorney serving Temple and Copperas Cove, I do everything possible under the law to prevent charges from ever being filed if you contact me early during the investigation. I work with clients thoroughly and completely investigating the facts involved. I can also negotiate with government agencies like CPS and law enforcement.

Harker Heights Obscenity Lawyer

Being accused of obscenity does not make you a bad person. You still have rights and dignity to uphold. I am ready to defend your rights immediately.

Serving clients in and around the Nolanville, Harker Heights and Fort Hood, Texas areas, my obscenity team brings experience and determination to each and every case.

Some specific sex crimes a person can be charged with under the Texas Penal Code are:

aggravated sexual assault

continuous sexual abuse of Young Child or Children

indecent exposure

indecency with a child (under 17 years of age)

improper relationship between educator and student

improper photography or visual recording


possession or promotion of child pornography

public lewdness

sexual assault

Avoid Lifetime Sex Offender Registration

If convicted of a sex crime, following jail or prison time or deferred adjudication, you will be forced to register as a sex offender. Registration with local law enforcement is annual. Failure to register creates yet another fire storm of adverse publicity and aggressive actions by law enforcement.

 Texas Sex Crime Lawyer - Attorney Now Before Talking to Investigators

If you are charged with a sex offense, indecency with a child or Internet sex crime, you have rights. Protect them by retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced Texas sex crime lawyer regarding a sex offense or a legal matter related to Megan's Law, contact Brown Law Office, serving Bell County and Coryell County, by calling 254-634-2587 or 254-899-8164. Go ahead and contact us today. 

Your calls and e-mails are welcome. Your first consultation is free.

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