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Do You Need a Killeen Early Termination (Release) of Probation Attorney?

Whether your probation officer can recommend an early end to your probation will depend heavily on your performance while on community supervision. If you have done everything you were required to do while on community supervision, you can file a petition for an early release from supervision.

Bell County Early Termination of Probation Attorney

Do you want your criminal records sealed?

Many people believe that once their probation period is over and the charge dismissed that it will not be on their record. Not true: the arrest, court and the judgment of probation remain on your record and available to the public to view. Even if you received a deferred adjudication judgment, you record remains public unless you are granted a Petition for Non-Disclosure through the Courts.

Why should you seek to seal your criminal records by filing Early Termination of Deferred Probation or Unadjudicated Community Supervision?

Working to clear your criminal record is important for any number of reasons. It affects your ability to find and keep a good job, get a certification/re-certification or rent an apartment. Your record will influence any future criminal case you might be unfortunate enough to have filed against you. Certain convictions can increase what you pay for life and health insurance.

The first step in clearing your record and paving the way for your records to be sealed is Early Termination of deferred adjudication. Contact Bell County Early Termination of Probation Lawyer today.

Killeen, Tx Early Termination of Probation AttorneyWhat is Early Termination?Coryell County Early Termination of Probation Lawyer

The Court, in its discretion, can order the early termination of probation in many misdemeanor and felony cases. You will then no longer be on community supervision. However, early release from probation is entirely discretionary and not mandatory. There's no way to force the judge to grant an early discharge. Even if you have completed all the terms, if the judge doesn't want to let you out of the remainder of the probation term, you'll have to finish it. Most Judges however listen and try to reduce the term of the probation when possible.

Who is Eligible for a Early Termination?

After you have served a portion of your original sentence, the Judge may consider a request for early termination if you have:

Been an exemplary probationer, AND

Completed all of your community service hours, AND

Fully paid all fines and restitution, AND

Met all conditions of probation: Including: community service, classes finished, AA's attended, and, etc.

Who is NOT Eligible for a Reduction or Early Termination?

The following offenses are not eligible:

Sex Offenses


State Jail Felonies

What is the Process?

Contact The Brown Law Firm today at 254-634-2587!

One you hire us, we will (1) draft a motion asking for early termination of probation, (2) place the matter on the court's calendar, (3) speak to the prosecutor and probation officer in an attempt to gather their support, and (4) argue the matter before the judge. The prosecutor must receive advanced written notice and has an opportunity to state any objections on the record. If early termination is successful, most judges don't require you to pay out the remaining probation fees. If you would like early release from probation, Ed Brown, Killeen early release from probation attorney, can guide you through the system seeking release from probation? Contact us for a free consultation today.

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