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As an experienced Killeen DUI Lawyer - Killeen DUI attorney, I believe clients should be educated about the law, their rights and their options. How else can you make informed decisions about your case and your future? To learn about the law, your rights and your options, call or email Killeen DUI Attorney - Killeen DUI Lawyer Ed Brown at 254-634-2587 now. Your calls are welcome. Initial consultation is FREE. I will discuss the elements of the crime you are charged with and present you with your defense options relating to dui.

Killeen DUI LawyerKilleen DUI AttorneysKilleen DUI Lawyer - Killeen DUI Attorney - Killeen DUI Lawyers

A Driving Under the Influence is a class "C" misdemeanor.  This means that you can not receive jail time but you can be fined up to $500.00. (for a first offense, for subsequent offenses you can receive significant jail time).  However, along with this fine can be probation, along with community service and alcohol awareness classes.  Likewise, the Texas Department of Public Safety will issue a notice of suspension and suspend the minors drivers license in the majority of these cases.  This license suspension is the same administrative license revocation (ALR) process that is used in adult cases.Counsult with a local Killeen dui attorney how you can possibly avoid losing your license.

In summary, a person under 21 is not allowed to drink any alcohol and then drive a car. If an officer testifies that he or she smelled an alcoholic beverage on a minors breath during a traffic stop then the minor will be cited for DUI. Again, this is true even if the officer feels the minor is both below the .08 legal limit and has not lost the normal use of his/her mental facilities, but has consumed "some" alcohol. If a minor's case is mishandled it can have terrible long-term effects on the minors criminal record and lengthy drivers license suspensions. It is therefore very important that these cases are taken seriously. Get an experienced Killeen dui attorney to handle your case properly by calling 254-634-2587. Your calls are welcome.

If you've been arrested for DUI in Killeen, Waco or Temple, you have 15 days from the date of arrest to request a hearing with the department of public safety. Protect your rights. Contact a skilled Killeen dui lawyer at the Brown Law Firm before you lose your right to an Administrative License Revocation Hearing.

Texas DUI arrests trigger two separate cases: First, there is the Texas DUI criminal case, where a variety of criminal punishments can be imposed by the court. These DUI punishments may include fines, jail, mandatory alcohol education, ignition interlock devices ordered, and more. However, every Texas DUI arrest also gives rise to a separate civil action against that person's Texas driving privileges. NOTE: IT IS URGENT THAT YOU CONTACT AND EXPERIENCE KILLEEN DUI LAWYER AT ONCE TO PROTECT YOUR DRIVER'S LICENSE IF YOU'VE BEEN CHARGED WITH A DRUNK DRIVING RELATED OFFENSE IN TEXAS.

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) wants to take away your driver's license. Don't let DPS take away your right to drive in Texas. Call Killeen DUI Lawyer, F. Edward (Ed) Brown, today. The initial call is FREE.

Learn more about your dui charge by contacting Killeen DUI Lawyer or Killeen DUI Attorney at 254-634-2587, today. Your call is welcome.

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